Our team of experienced engineers and technicians are always ready to give advice and solve problems, including design new or renovate existing systems for all customers. In addition to the service, we also sell and provide vibrating sifter "SIFTONIC" in standard models for rent. We also design and manufacture machines in food and bread crumb industries


Vibrating sifter for sale and rent

        Siftonic-A series vibrating sifters, which are highly capable of separating products, such as powder, dust or rubber. Very low noise while operates and takes 3-5 minutes to replace the sieve. Our customers are in food industry (spice, flour, etc) and polymer industry. Product details and components are as shown below.

Mesh size can be customized as per request, belows are standard mesh size and wire number for your selections.


For more details on motor sizing, click link below.

       We also have sifters and miller for rent to fulfill your requirements. These are advantages of renting our machines:

  1. Lower investment cost
  2. Lower risk as you can rent our machine after getting orders and return once productions are completed.
  3. Fast delivery (depends on distance)
  4. No maintenance technicians needed as we will take care of it including spare parts.
  5. Save time and production opportunity by minimize the hours of repair and service.
  6. Save money as there will be no maintenance cost.

Rental rate for sifters and other machines
Rate per one day
1-15 days
16-30 days
30 days+
Please call for more details and make a prior booking

Design and manufacture machines used in the bread crumb production.

        Due to the current competition in the food industry as well as of the bread crumb production, more and more entrepreneurs are sharing the markets both existing and new, domestic and international ones. The more efficient and reasonable investment costs shall be one of the factors those make differences. Our skilled and experienced staff who are familiar with all machines in the process of producing bread crumbs can give you best solutions, design and manufacture what you really need. We also have a 1 year warranty and after-sales service that takes care of our customers for years.

        Machines in the bread crumb production are divided into 3 processes - Dough Making process, Oven Line process, and Bread Crumb Line process.

Design and manufacture machines in Pharmaceutical and chemical industries

         In addition to machinery used in the production of bread crumbs, we also design and manufacture machines used in many other industries, such as food, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Many of our customers are likely to use our services in long term due to the efficiency of the machine, reasonable price and our after-sales service. Below pictures are some of our machines and in case there is none of them that fits your expectation, Please feel free to inform us what you are looking for, we shall do our best to give you the best solutions.

Improvement and repair of used machines including upgrading to increase capacity.

        For customers who already have machines and are finding supplier who do the repair, improvement or upgrade to expand the capacity, please feel free to contact us to see more details. We also can provide the maintenance interval services to keep your machines in a perfect condition, prevent the unexpected break-down that would cost you a lot of money for repair and opportunity to get orders and chances of damages those may happen prematurely.

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